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Sumi Tao Symbols

“The Tao is called the Great Mother
empty yet inexhaustible
it gives birth to infinite worlds

It is always present within you
You can use it any way you want”

Lao Tsu

These Tao Symbols are not like the neat circles divided into tadpoles with dots for eyes that you’ve seen before. These bristle with energy. They are like dragons chasing each other. The Zen technique used to render these pieces calls for an abandonment of traditional aesthetics. Instead, channeling the energy of life into the rendering is the goal of the calligrapher. The Tao sounds like quaint old men telling riddles, but look closely and you see it is a radical departure from the ordinary. Let the Tao take you on an extraordinary journey.

$30 each plus shipping

approx 9×12 black ink on white rice paper.

To order just fill out the form with your name, email to send invoice to and the item number of the symbol you want. We will email you an invoice and ship your order upon receipt of payment.

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