tàijítú Yin Yang Tao symbol


This hand made taijitu, or yinyang symbol is made to order using sumi brushes & ink on Himalayan paper. Each piece will have it own unique look. Piece is 8×10″.



“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe” Lao Tzu

The tàijítú is the symbol of the Tao or “yin yang” Its meaning is that opposites combine to create a whole; the night defines the day and vice versa. Yin & yang are often described as male and female aspects; although it should be pointed out that all things have both aspects including men and women. It is often seen as a symbol for Martial arts, Taoism, and Zen Buddhism.
This piece is rendered using a zen technique which infuses the piece with energy known as chi.
It is rendered with sumi brush and ink on Lakta paper which is a handmade paper produced in the Himalayas from materials indigenous to that region.
Each piece is made to order and will vary from the piece shown.
This piece is perfect for your martial arts studio, yoga studio, meditation chamber, home or office.
Piece is 8×10 and ready for framing.

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