Sumi Dragon


Sumi ink Dragon rendered in Hitsuzendō style. Size in 9.5x 13.5 inches.



Awakening heart

She Bristles with energy

Celestial love

The dragon is a symbol of strength & wisdom in the East. In India, the coiled serpent represents the Goddess Kundalini; the energy within us that brings enlightenment and power. In the West, the dragon symbolizes an affront to the established order: thus making it a perfect symbol of the resistance.

Utilizing the zen technique of Hitsuzendō, this dragon conveys enrgy and power. Each dragon is rendered to order and will evoke its own unique appearance and energy. Using the finest authentic materials: sumi inks and brushes and fine rice paper, these artworks will endow any home, office, yoga studio or shrine with culture and positive energy.

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