Kali Night print


Kali Night print is 8×10 on Rives printmaking paper


That storm that rages in your heart? That’s the universe trying to to make contact. Love is the key.


This painting, produced using the Chan, sumi style, depicts a stormy night, which Kali has manifested as. Beyond form, the Goddess is in all things. I meditate on Kali’s liberating qualities as I create the Kali Night paintings, and the energy in the paintings can help us to work towards our spiritual goals.

Daily I fail to be the man who I intend to be. I fail at the simple goal of being a decent human being. There is always some selfish impulse, some snide remark, some negative thought or action, usually small, but multiplied several times over the course of the day. I pray to the Goddess to help me to overcome these shortcomings. Kali’s domain is the consumption of evils threatening to keep us from liberation. She strikes without mercy or hesitation.

Kali is a fearsome and formidable Goddess. She is dark as night, naked of culture’s niceties and conventions. Clothed in a skirt of arms, and wearing a necklace of skulls, her aspect is truly terrifying. To her devotees, however, she is the protective mama bear, scary to enemies, but a champion to her children.

Print is 8×10 on Rives printmaking paper

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