Devi Sanskrit Calligraphy on handmade paper


Devi Sanskrit Calligraphy on handmade paper.

Approximately 11×14


Devi. Sanskrit Calligraphy on handmade paper.
Literally “The Shining One”, “Goddess” primarily refers to Parvati, Shiva’s consort. Parvati is much more than Shiva’s consort, however; she is the primary manifestation of Shakti, the animating force of the Cosmos. Among Her other manifestations are Durga, Kali, Uma, Sati & Lalita.

This striking image will add positive energy to your meditation room, yoga studio, home or office.

This piece was rendered in the zen style, utilizing an ancient technique, which imbues the piece with powerful energy, giving it a vitality all its own. Approximately 11×14

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