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My Theory on The Man in the High Castle

Here’s my theory on “The Man in the High Castle.” There will be spoilers a bit. The underlying theme of TMITHC is that in the world the characters inhabit, America lost WWII. The Nazis developed the atomic bomb 1st and dropped it on Washington DC.
The next important element is that movies from alternative realities exist that depict various other outcomes of the war, most notably the US winning WWII. These films somehow travel from alternate realities to the one in TMITHC. Eventually, it becomes apparent that the films are brought by people traveling from the various realities. My theory is that since the atomic bomb seems to be the deciding factor in the war, the bomb has rent the fabric separating these realities.
In quantum physics, we learn that we cannot know both the speed and position of any quantum particle. Measuring one variable affects the others. This is known as “the Uncertainty Principle.” Furthermore when a substance is heated, it expands, because the molecules become excited and move around more. When an atom becomes excited, it’s electrons’ orbits jump to encompass a larger area.
In TMITHC, I believe the travelers jump from one reality to another because of the rift from the atom bomb and the nuclear level heat and vibration caused by the bomb. I haven’t read the book because I want to finish the series 1st without spoilers and I haven’t had a chance to see the 3rd season yet, so it may have been explained already without my knowledge. Maybe I’m right maybe only partly. Maybe I’m dead wrong. Maybe they never say. Let me know what you think.

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