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Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Hello all! I recently read an article which encourages people to narrow their focus to gain success. The impulse is to expand and the author says that confuses potential customers. I am going to give this a try. I have been struggling for a while, couple this with the bad news that my gf & I didn’t get accepted into the craft fair we had applied to, and I’m looking to make improvements. Some things take a while and improvement is something all businesses must constantly look to but it’s hard not to get discouraged. I wonder if I’m marketing on the wrong site; Etsy is primarily handmade stuff, and while all my products are derived from handmade art, many of them are printed out of a computer. I love Etsy and am going to stick with it. I may have to figure out a better production system.
So, to narrow my focus, I’m going to make less greeting cards. Although initially greeting cards was my main focus, they were always just an outlet for my art. I never said, “What can I paint to make a good birthday card?”, I always said, “What kind of card can I make from this painting?” (Of course, I made many Christmas cards just for Christmas with that in mind, but sold none…) I know there are many factors at play but I’m going to give this advise a try. It comes from Handmadeology, which I respect alot.

What I am going to focus on is art prints. Mostly spiritual. I have a total of 21 Saint related product. This is not counting non Christian spiritual products of which there are 12. There are an additional 12 that are motivational or sober related that could be grouped into the spiritual catagory. That’s 45 and there’s still some Easter cards I didn’t count because they have the Easterbunny instead of a spiritual theme to them. I have 83 products total so the remainder are landscapes, dino prints, and other non spiritual products. Now just to be clear, all my Christmas stuff is down, or there would be more of both catagories. Aren’t you glad I’m telling you all this? My hope is that others going through the same struggle will be able to get something out of it even if it’s just commiseration.

So I added some new prints along those lines. I’ve completed 3 more paintings in my “saint” series and I love them all. I’ve listed them as prints on their own, or as posters with some text to go with them. I’ve been visiting the gf’s family and some old friends, so I’ve given up alot of creating time for that. I hope to redouble my output to keep offering great things to people.

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