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Change the world

The stunning new Kony 2012 video is going hyper viral right now and is entirely new to my experience. I have shared it on facebook & google+ as well as posting it on my senators’ pages. If you haven’t seen it, you should. It’s a 30 minute youtube video intended to result in the arrest of Ugandan warlord known as Kony. It’s told in a highly personal and moving fashion.
As with anything creating so much attention, its getting a fair ammount of criticism. I think the critics may come to regret their posotions. Sure, there are flaws in the filmakers aproach to this problem, and sure there are other ways to solve it. Yes there are countless other equally heinous crimes being commited in the world, but no one solution is perfect, and all this criticism can possibly accomplish is to keep Kony in power, an no one wants that.
This video is galvanizing the public like nothing I’ve ever seen before, and continued, sustained focus on this problem will solve it faster and more effectively than anything else.
Watch the video. Pass it on. Donate if you can. Let your reps in congress know this issue is important to you. Let’s act together and change the world.
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