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Uriel, The Angel of Light Watercolor Print

blueangelprintUriel, the angel of light teaches us to see into our hearts and discover the shining light waiting there to guide us on our path and dispel the darkness which would obscure the way.

8×10. Printed on luscious Rives BFK printmaking paper, this lovely angel will bless any home.

$30 plus tax.


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Earth Mother Goddess Print


This reveredĀ Icon for the Mother Earth Goddess can be traced back to ancient Egypt. It has become a powerful symbol for the divine feminine in modern Goddess worship. Here I have placed the Earth in the Goddess’ swollen tummy, and the moon as her head. This work takes further inspiration from visual models of the effects of Solar activity on the Earth that create the Aurora Borealis and Australis

This piece is 8×10, image size is aprox 6×9 on watercolor paper

$30 plus shipping

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Shakti Celestial Mother Goddess Print

aditi 001.jpeg

This primordial goddess of creation is spoken of in the holy Vedas. She the boundless infinite from which sprang all that is. She is the source, the Mother of all. Here she lays on a a celestial bed surrounded by the universe she brought into existence.
This is a digital reproduction of an original watercolor. Print is 8×10 on rives bfk printmaking paper.

$30 plus shipping

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